Suntoyo, Muhammad Zikra, Hasan Ikhwani : Modelling of the COD, TSS, Phosphate and Nitrate Distribution Due to the Sidoardjo Mud Flow into Porong River Estuary

Suntoyo ST., M.Eng., Ph.D
Muhammad Zikra ST., M.Sc
Ir. Hasan Ikhwani M.Sc.



Published in

Procedia Earth and Planetary Science

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Jurnal Internasional


Mud flow, water quality, Porong river estuary


Abstract Mudflow disaster in Sidoarjo on May 29, 2006 have resulted in losses in various fields, whether social, economic, and ecological. One of the efforts to control the mud is mostly channeled to Porong river towards the sea in the Madura Strait. Mouth of the river is part of the coastal area that plays an important role in the economic, ecological, and also a region with a complex ecosystem. As a result of the disposal of sludge to the Estuary of Porong river this leads to changes in water quality, it therefore need for water quality modeling in order to identify it in accordance with the benchmarks of quality standards is allowed. A Hydrodynamic and water quality model with Mike 21 Hydrodynamics and Ecolab module1 are used to quantity and to find out the spreading of COD, TSS, phosphate, and nitrate. At high tide, currents in estuary Porong moving upstream, so the spread of water quality parameters will be small around the estuary. At low tide conditions the flow moves in the opposite direction so that the distribution of water quality parameters will be greater than the current at the river mouth. The condition of water quality parameters most significantly, the worth of 34 mg / L for COD, 14.46 mg / L for nitrate, 30 mg / L for TSS, and a phosphate worth to 0.43 mg / L.