Suwarno : Non-isothermal kinetics and in situ SR XRD studies of hydrogen desorption from dihydrides of binary TiV alloys

Suwarno ST., MSc., Ph.D.



Published in

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy


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Jurnal Internasional



Phase transformations during dynamic dehydrogenation of Ti1-xVxH2 (x = 0.1; 0.2; 0.3) were studied using in situ Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction (SR XRD) and non-isothermal kinetics experiments. The main dehydrogenation path for ?-Ti1-xVxH2 was found to be ? ? d ? ? alloy. Body-centred tetragonal d-hydride was found to be an intermediate phase of the ? ? transformation in Ti0.80.9V0.10.2H2. TDS, in situ SR XRD and isoconversional kinetics studies showed that hydrogen desorption from Ti1-xVxH2 is composed of simultaneous reactions taking place between 300 and 600 C. The effective activation energy of hydrogen desorption depends on the vanadium contents and the reaction pathway, increasing from 21 kJ/mol H2 (? ? d) to 60110 kJ/mol H2 (d ? ).