Muhammad Faqih, Arina Hayati : Changes of architecture expressions on Lanting House based on activity system on the river

Ir. Muhammad Faqih MS
Arina Hayati S.T., M.T.



Published in

International Refereed Journal of Engineering and Science

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Jurnal Internasional


Change of Expression Lanting House Activity System River


Lanting house is a traditional house from Banjar, South Borneo, Indonesia. It floats on the river as an expression of Banjarese culture adapted to the river. In the past, lanting house grew simultaneously with the growth of river transportation. Nowadays, settlements develop more on land, and the river transportation started to be declined. This affected the lanting houses especially examined from the activity system, the significance of river by its inhabitants changed lanting house expression. Using qualitative approach, this research aims to find the changes in architectural expression in Lanting House based on the phenomena found. Results shows that most room layouts and buildings frontage are not oriented towards the river anymore. Elements that supports activities connected to the river is also gone, this is because essential activity of the river like river transportation is long gone.