Wahyono Hadi, Budi Santoso : System Dynamic Modeling for Behaviour Pattern on Process and Operation of Water Treatment Plant

Prof.Ir. Wahyono Hadi M.Sc Ph.D
Prof.Dr.Ir. Budi Santoso M.E.



Published in

Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences

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Jurnal Internasional


Water Treatment Plant turbidity parameter system dynamic modeling causal loop stock flow


This research assessed behavior pattern on existing process and operation of Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in order to find affecting factors and formulating its performance improvement. In fact, management aspects of WTP at PDAM (Water Supply Enterprise owned by Local Government) needs support on decision making based on cause and effect relation among variables which affecting its process and operation behavior of water treatment. Therefore, this research is expected to initiate and fill the gap on scholarly aspects, especially on water treatment, and at once as a contribution to give alternatives solution for improving the performance of WTP. The object of this research were Babat I WTP Lamongan and Kedunguling WTP Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia. Meanwhile, its scope of works was covering at special observation on water turbidity parameter. Modeling of behavior pattern on process and operation of WTP using system dynamic approach by causal lop diagram, stock and flow diagram method. The result of system dynamic modeling of behavior pattern on process and operation at WTP showed a clear description on cause and effect relation among variables which could give influence the performance of WTP.