Sarwoko Mangkoedihardjo, Wahyono Hadi, Eddy Setiadi Soedjono : Wastewater treatment strategy for fish processing industry in Kota Pantai Muncar of Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Ir. Sarwoko Mangkoedihardjo MScES
Prof.Ir. Wahyono Hadi M.Sc Ph.D
Ir. Eddy Setiadi Soedjono Dipl.SE.M.Sc, Ph.D



Published in

International Journal of Academic Research

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Jurnal Internasional



This paper reported a preliminary research with an objective to find out wastewater quality of fish processing industries and surface waters where the wastewater was disharged in. Methods consisted of clustering industrial area, sampling points and weekly observation, covering dry and rainy seasons (June October 2011). Results presented maximum wastewater flowrate and quality as well as rivers and sea waters. Based on the maximum loading, the next works proposed on-site, collection and off-site treatment strategies. In depth research works will be particularly focused on the off-site detoxification system for fish processing industries. International researchers are welcome to join the next research works.