Sarwoko Mangkoedihardjo : Trophical Sanitation by Ecophytostructure of Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Ir. Sarwoko Mangkoedihardjo MScES



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Jurnal Internasional




The essential role of plants to sanitize ecosystem is presented. Plants are natural sanitary engineer for ecosystem where human and other organisms live. In short, plants are essential component of ecosystem. Accordingly, ecophytostructure means greenspace area and its distribution within an ecosystem area such as a city, an island, a country and even this world. In trophical area, the existence of greenspace may be more intensified since sunny day is longer than in other area. Hot climate condition enhances degradation and as a results much gases are released to environment. Therefore, the potential function of plants in sanitation problem solving was evaluated and applied to appropriate technology in suitable area. Quantitative method was provided to plan phytostructure in the form of greenspace area that relates to population number in addition to greenspace distribution based topography and to attenuate potential pollution level. This monograph is valuable sources for sanitary engineers and other professionals, governments, politicians and other non-governemnt organizations as well as public communities in trophical region.