Semin : Heat Transfer Investigation of Intake Port Engine Based on Steady-state and Transient Simulation

Semin ST, MT.



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This research is presents the gas flow heat transfer investigation in the intake port of fourstroke direct injection compression ignition engine using GT-Suite software for steady-state andtransient simulation. To investigate and simulate the intake port gas flow heat transfer profile ofcompression ignition engine is using GT-Power engine model were developed in this research. GTPoweris sub-system menu from GT-Suite. The engine model is developed from the real compressionignition engine data and input to software library. In this research, the simulation of engine model isrunning in variations engine speeds. The simulation output data is collected from the GT-Post resultsplots and casesRLT in post processing. The simulation results of the intake port engine model areshown the characters in intake port heat transfer profile of engine in variations engine speeds. Thedetail performance intake port gas flow heat transfer is shown that in 3500 rpm engine speed is the best.