Semin : An Experimental Investigation of Diesel Engines Fuel Injection Pressure Effect on Power Performance and Fuel Consumption

Semin ST, MT.



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Jurnal Internasional




Fuel injection pressures in diesel engine plays an important role for engine performance obtaining treatment of combustion. The present diesel engines such as fuel direct injection, thepressures can be increased about 100 ?? 200 Mpa bar in fuel pump injection system. The experimental investigated effects of fuel injection pressure on engine performance. Experiments have beenperformed on a diesel engine with four-cylinder, two-stroke, direct injection. Engine performance values such as indicated pressure, indicated horse power, shaft horse power, brake horse power, breakmean effective pressure and fuel consumption have been investigated both of variation engine speeds-fixed load and fixed engine speed ?? variation loads by changing the fuel injection pressure from 180 to220 bar. According to the results, the best performance of the pressure injection has been obtained at 220 bar, specific fuel consumption has been obtained at 200 bar for fixed load ?? variation speeds and at 180 bar for variation loads ?? fixed speed. The results of the experiment have given as graphics in this paper.