Semin : Green Engines Development Using Compressed Natural Gas as an Alternative Fuel

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Problem statement: The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a gaseous form of natural gas, it have been recognized as one of the promising alternative fuel due to its substantial benefits compared to gasoli ne and diesel. Natural gas is produced from gas wells or tied in w ith crude oil production. Approach: Natural gas is promising alternative fuel to meet strict engine emission reg ulations in many countries. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has long been used in stationary engines, but the appli cation of CNG as a transport engines fuel has been considerably advanced over the last decade by the development of lightweight high-pressure storage cylinders. Results: The technology of engine conversion was well establishe d and suitable conversion equipment is readily avai lable. For petrol engines or spark ignition engines there are two options, a bi-fuel conversion and use a dedicat ed to CNG engine. The diesel engines converted or designed to run on natural gas, there were two main options di scussed. There are dual-fuel engines and normal ignition can be initiated. Natural gas engines can be operated at lean burn and stoichiometric conditions with different combus tion and emission characteristics. Conclusions: In this study, the low exhaust gas emissions of CNG engines research and development were highlighted. Stoichiometric natural gas engines were briefly reviewed. To keep the outp ut power, torque and emissions of natural gas engin es comparable to their gasoline or diesel counterparts . High activity for future green CNG engines resear ch and development to meet future stringent emissions stan dards was recorded in the study.