Setiyo Gunawan : Analysis of tran-cis fatty acids in fatty acid steryl esters isolated from soybean oil deodoriser distillate

Setiyo Gunawan S.T., Ph.D



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Jurnal Internasional




The characterisation of the isolated natural product from soybean oil deodoriser distillate (SODD) has gained increasing importance due to health concerns. The purpose of the present work was to characterise fatty acids steryl esters (FASEs) composition and to determine the trans fatty acids (TFAs) contents in FASEs obtained from SODD by using simple and accurate method. Isolation of FASEs with saturated fatty acids moieties from FASEs mixture was also developed. It was found that the fatty acids composition of the isolated FASEs were 31.74% palmitate acid (C16:0), 9.99% stearic acid (C18:0), 0.46% elaidic acid (C18:1 trans-9), 27.51% oleic acid (C18:1 cis-9), 0.19% linoleaidic acid (C18:2 cis-9, trans-12), and 29.19% linoleic acid (C18:2 cis-9, cis-12). TFAs, which account for about 0.65% of the total fatty acids, were detected in the isolated FASEs. Palmitate and stearate steryl esters isolated from SODD are promising natural product because they are free of trans-isomers.