Chairul Imron, Basuki Widodo, Tri Yogi Yuwono : Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow Around Circular and I-Shape Cylinder in a Tandem Configuration

Drs. Chairul Imron MI.Komp.
Prof. Dr. Basuki Widodo M.Sc.
Prof. Dr. Ir. Tri Yogi Yuwono DEA.



Published in

Applied Mathematical Sciences

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Jurnal Internasional


Passive control; drag coeffcient; wake; streamline


We consider two-dimensional numerical simulation of a tandem conguration of both I-shape cylinder and circular cylinder. Diameter of circular cylinder is D as the blu body and I-shaped cylinder has diameter of d with a cutting angle 53o as passive control, that is located in front of the blu body. Navier Stokes equations are used to solve this problem and solved with a nite di erence method. When we put the Reynolds number of Re = 7000, the domain distance between bluff-body and passive control is a 0.6<=S?D<=3.0 and X/D= 2.0 then we obtain pro le streamline around the blu body, pressure distribution, separation point on the top around the 65o and on the bottom around 285o , wake and mathematics models of drag coeffcient.