Yoyok Cahyono, Darminto : Annealing treatment of a-Si:H films deposited by PECVD and their properties

Drs. Yoyok Cahyono M.Si.
Prof. Dr. Drs. Darminto M.Sc



Published in

3rd International Conference on Functional Materials Science

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Seminar Internasional


a-Si:H, PECVD, annealing, crystalinity


The hydrogenated amorphour silicon (a-Si:H) films have been grown on the glass substrates by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PE-CVD) employing silane (SiH4) with hydrogen (H2) dilution. The as deposited films were then annealed at various temperatures of 200, 300 and 400oC for 30 minutes. Annealing process at 300oC was also performed for 60 and 90 minutes. Examinations using X-ray diffractometry, infrared and UV-Vis spectroscopy demonstrated that the annealed films show an increasing crystalinity of 3.26 6.80% and reduced dangling bond content down to more than one order of magnitude (from 2.3x1019 to 1.2x1018 cm-3). Meanwhile, the energy bandgap and Urbach energy of the films are around 1.71 1.75 eV and 0.21 0.27 eV respectively.