Supeno Mardi Susiki Nugroho, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo : Creep Offenses Evolution in Tower Defense Games using NSGA-II

Supeno Mardi Susiki Nugroho ST., M.T.
Prof.Dr.Ir. Mauridhi Hery Purnomo M.Eng.



Published in

2014 International Conference on Information, Communication Technology and System

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Seminar Internasional



In Tower Defense games, creep offenses are commonly controlled by static Non Player Character (NPC) where the player will keep trying to adapt the strategy. Thus, the game will get bored because of NPC’s skill which is far below the player’s or will get frustrated because NPC’s skill is too high. In this research, Nondominated Sorting Algorithm II (NSGA-II) was proposed to build evolution ability of the creeps with the purpose that the game more challenging. NSGA-II is a genetic algorithm for multiobjective optimization based on nondomination. NSGA-II is used to determine the optimizations that should be performed on parameters such as the creep size in a wave, speed, hit points, and armor. Optimizations given in these parameters would build a dynamic and challenging Tower Defense game to play.