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The 1st International Conference of Indonesian Society for Remote Sensing 2015 ” Harnessing Earth Information from Space” At October 27-28th 2015 Geomatic Engin

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Distribution of Chlorophyll-a; NOAA-AVHRR; Landsat 8195305271983031001 Prof.Dr.Ir. Bangun Muljo Sukojo DEA,DESS


Indonesia as a country with a vast territory nearly two-thirds in the form of marine biodiversity makes fisheries and marine resources are very abundant. Exploitation of fisheries resources and activities in coastal areas that increasingly causes uncertainty and the difficulty of finding the location of fishing areas that require continuous observation of water conditions. One of oceanographic parameters used are chlorophyll-a. The use of satellite data can be used to perform monitoring fertility waters, upwelling areas and the formation of the establishment of fishing areas because it has a wide coverage. In this study, the determination of the distribution pattern of chlorophyll-a is done by using remote sensing methods utilizing satellite imagery data NOAA-AVHRR and Landsat 8 using the algorithm Algorithm Theoretical Basic Document Modis (ATBD) 19 and Algorithms Dwivedi, the location where the study was conducted in Surabaya, Sidoarjo coastal area. The results of this study indicate that the parameter Total Suspended Solid (TSS) have a major influence on the presence of chlorophyll-a in comparison with salinity and pH parameters with determination coefficient of 96.21%. With the regression method, a comparison only between NOAA-AVHRR imagery with ground truth the results showed a positive relationship with the coefficient of determination 83.80% and the coefficient of determination between NOAA-AVHRR imagery with Landsat 8 is 86.90%. While the results of the processing of Landsat 8 shows a comparison between Landsat 8 with ground truth the results showed determination coefficient of 74.70%. The results of NOAA-AVHRR image processing algorithms using ATBD19 shows the distribution of chlorophyll-a in 2011 is as high as the range 0-0.2 mg / m³ and a decline in the value of chlorophyll-a very drastic in 2012 it ranged from 0 to 0.02 mg / m³.