Subiono, Subiono : Modelling of Electrical Train (ET) Network System Using Max-Plus Algebra

Dr. Subiono M.Sc.
Dr. Subiono M.Sc.



Published in

Proceedings of The International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Optimization (ICeMATH 2011)


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Transportation is important thing for society to do their daily mobilities. In the city society which has high mobility characteristics, like Jakarta, there are many complex problems in transportation. One of the problem is traffic jam. In order to reduce the traffic jam in Jakarta, the electrical train (ET) KA Commuter Jabodetabek is built. As a cheap and a fast transportation facility, ET is widely used by society. One of important issues related to ET network system is often occurrence of inaccuracies arriving and departure times of trains at each station, so it is complained by society. This research is purposed to modelling ET network system using max-plus algebra, which the duration of driving time between station is given as an interval of times with elements in max-plus algebra. This ET network system can be formed into adjacency matrix with element in the form of interval in max-plus algebra.