Dr.Ir. Ali Musyafa M.Sc.



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the 2nd international conference on sustainable Inovation (ICoSI)


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Sector of oil industry has an important role in sustaining the life of community. The government is working with companies to create green Cities and green Economies. Green environment and zero accident will affect the balance of the environment and sustainable development. Environmental balance is built to maintain the fuel supply system that does not paralyze the transportation system and community activities. This condition is closely related to the operations of fuel oil (BBM)-distribution process from the tanker to the car distribution that charging impact of high risk such as fire, explosion, leakage, and oil spills. Risk identification based on LOPA is done to show the value of Safety Integrity Level (SIL) in some scenarios. The level of security is what gives a describe of the correspondence between the Failure Probability on Demand (PFD) with Target Mitigated Event Likelihood. SIL calculations encourage economic impact analysis based on modern software. Fuzzy system is applied in the risk assessment on the fuel distribution system with multiple inputs in terms of several aspects to produce output that is easily understood and reliable. Fuzzy Layer of Protection Analysis is appropriate to used as a method of risk assessment based on expert that shows layers of protection qualitatively and quantitatively. Rule base based on expert system is used in FLOPA with 4 inputs include human judgment, assets, reputation, and environment with variable output of 4 categories of low, moderate, high, and catastrophic. Output is used to show the relationship of economic impact and two input variables in the three dimensional shape. Probability economic impact FLOPA system is used by management for making decisions that greatly affect the economic resilience of the company and the needs of community. The results evaluation was the guarantor system, assets, environment, safety and reputation for the company and the government to be the creation of sustainable development so that environmental and green city and economic sectors to be smooth. This is evidenced by the SIL rating of 1 to 3 nodes , in example NO SIL was 27.27 % at 66.67 % node 1 and node 3 ; SIL 0 66.67 % at node 1 , 54.44 % in node 2 , 33.33 % at node 3 , and SIL 1 by 33.33 % at 18.18 % node 1 and node 2. The results of Safety Integrity Level value (SIL) calculation showed acceptable layer of security protection on the oil distribution system. Environment that is acceptable to reduce the risk posed so that the balance is maintained and sustainable development in various sectors running smoothly.