Adhi Dharma Wibawa, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo : Validating video stimulus for eliciting human emotion: A Preliminary study for e-Health monitoring system

Adhi Dharma Wibawa ST., MT.
Prof.Dr.Ir. Mauridhi Hery Purnomo M.Eng.



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Majalah Populer/Koran


Basic human emotion; Audiovisual Stimuli; Post Film Questionnaire; Primary Emotion; Emotion Intensity.


It has been known widely that human emotions has a significant effect on human health. There have been many studies that showed the positive and negative impact of human emotion to humanís health. Even some emotions have been categorized as dangeraous for some researchers. In developing e-health monitoring system, sufficient knowledge in elicitating emotion and its stage are significantly important to recognize and early detect the patientís emotion. In this paper we evaluate the basic human emotions, such as Happy, Sad, Angry, Disgust, Surprise and Fear, and how these emotions can be trigerred by using an external stimulation, such as video. The main goal of this paper is to validate the 14 videos that will be used in e-health monitoring study to detect subjectís fisiological pattern due to the expression of subjectís emotion. Some video stimulations were used to elicit the basic emotion of 31 participants of people of Toraja, Indonesia. 14 videos from youtube were donwloaded to be used as stimulator. A questionnaire was prepared to be asnwered by participants to record their respond regarding the videos. Valid percent and Intensity are the two parameters that were used to determined the most effective videos for stimulating participants emotion. The result showed that all the 14 videos have been validated and showing that they can be used as a video stimulator for eliciting basic human emotion. Some videos showed ambiguity in eliciting emotion. Arousal time of all emotions was also recorded as an important aspect in this experiment result.