Chairul Imron, Basuki Widodo : The Unsteady Flow Magnetohydrodynamic in Micropolar Fluid through Porous Sphere

Drs. Chairul Imron MI.Komp.
Prof. Dr. Basuki Widodo M.Sc.



Published in

Proceeding of The 6th Annual Basic Science International Conference Published online, on June 7, 2016.

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Seminar Internasional


Micropolar fluid ; Keller-Box method;


Micropolar fluid is non-Newtonian fluid type with microstructure. Micropolar fluid support body couples and exhibit microrotational effects. The MHD is study about the motion of electrically conducting fluids under magnetic fields. This research is about unsteady MHD problem in micropolar fluid through porous sphere at stagnation point. The MHD effect in micropolar fluid is influence of magnetic field on the microrotation that also affect the motion of the fluid. The microrotation characteristic that has been taken into account is the attribute that distinguish micropolar fluid model from others. This research was developed from a mathematical model of MHD boundary layer flow in micropolar fluid. Micropolar fluid flow that influenced magnetic field evokes boundary layer. From the boundary layer form ed a dimensional governing equation, it was continuity equation, momentum equation and angular of momentum equation. Then the equation is transformed into non-dimensional form and similiarity equation. The similiarity equations are solved numerically solution by Keller-Box method. Numerical results obtained, used to observe the influence of some parameters: magnetic parameter, micropolar parameter, and porous parameter of the velocity profile and the profile of the microrotation. The result of numerical solution that the velocity profile be increased along with magnetic parameter increased. Moreover the velocity decreased when micropolar parameter increased. When porous parameter increased, the velocity profile decreased but the difference not significant. Profile microrotation increased and changed with increased micropolar parameters.