Surya Hadi Kusuma : Development of Air Pollutant Emissions Model from Mobile Sources (On Road Transportation) in Surabaya City

Surya Hadi Kusuma S.T., M.T.



Published in

CITIES International Conference 2015 : "Intelligent Planning Towards Smart Cities"

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Seminar Internasional


Air pollutant emission, mobile sources, mobilev 3.0, emission modeling.


Surabaya is the largest metropolitan city area after Jakarta which has increased quite large. Air pollution is similar problems with some other big cities in Indonesia. This is sourced from transportation and industrial activities. Transportation activities is the most dominating sources of air pollution emissions in Surabaya. This had experienced enhancement the number of vehicles an average of 17% per year. Air pollution are threats greatly affect of the population. This condition very necessary to get the attention of the Surabaya local government as a threat to public health and the surrounding area. The pollutant gases resulted from vehicles is CO, SOx, NOx, HC, PM10, and CO2. This study used the result of road traffic counting at Surabaya area in year 2012. The value of pollutants gas emissions were calculated by Mobilev 3.0 software, which based on the emission factor value of Corinair (EU 2009). Modeling of air pollution gases emissions sources performed with the assistance of geographic information system (GIS) software. Each of air pollutant emissions source were modeled to create they dispersion emissions in Surabaya areas, which divided into a grid size of 1x1 km2 with the emission value input. Each of value pollutants emission source generating the dispersion modeling of air pollutant emissions in Surabaya, the modeling are classified into 10 levels, were which is the 1st is an lowest pollution area and the 10th is the area with the highest pollution. The modeling results it appears that the source of CO, PM10 and CO2 are dominant derived from the main road (Ahmad Yani street) towards city center of Surabaya. The NOx modeling are dominant derived from Rungkut and Margomulyo region, which are an industrial areas. While of SOx and HC modeling are spread evenly on main road of Surabaya.