Muhammad Badrus Zaman : Connectivity Analysis of port in Eastern Indonesia

Dr.Eng Muhammad Badrus Zaman ST., MT.



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Seminar Internasional


Connectivity, port, eastern indonesia


Most of the national transport using sea transportation, especially the eastern part of Indonesia. Characteristics of geography on land and sea and the existing infrastructure in eastern Indonesia supports the transport more efficient use of sea transport. However, the cost of logistics in eastern Indonesia is more expensive than the West. The effort to improve the connectivity between ports in Indonesia, particularly Eastern Indonesia is believed to be able to reduce the cost of logistics that exist today. The aim of this study is to analyze the connectivity between ports in eastern Indonesia. The analysis is using Gravity method. The results of this study are expected to know how to rate density of connectivity ports eastern Indonesia. Based on the existing level of connectivity density, the analysis regarding the pattern of connectivity between ports in eastern Indonesia become more efficient and policy recommendations needed to improve the connectivity between these ports have conducted.