Adi Kurniawan, Agoes Achmad Masroeri : A Neural Network Based Maximum Power Point Tracker with KY Converter for Photovoltaic System on A Moving Vehicle

Adi Kurniawan ST.,M.T
Ir. Agoes Achmad Masroeri M.Eng,D.Eng



Published in

International Conference on Advanced Mechatronics, Intelligent Manufacture, and Industrial Automation 2015 (ICAMIMIA 2015)

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Seminar Internasional


photovoltaic (PV); maximum power point tracking (MPPT); KY converter; artificial neural network (ANN)


The application of photovoltaic system on the ship may reduce the operational cost and pollution caused by fossil fuel. In order to optimize the efficiency of the PV system, an appropriate maximum power point tracking (MPPT) must be implemented on the system. The MPPT must have fast response to overcome the rapid changes of solar irradiance due to ship movement or natural occurrence. In this paper, a combination of artificial neural network based MPPT and KY converter is proposed. The proposed method has been validated with a computer based simulation. The results show that the proposed method can optimize the PV system performance with a fast response to the change of sun irradiance