Mohammad Sholikhan Arif : Design and Construction of Crawler Crane Seating for Floating Dock

Mohammad Sholikhan Arif S.T., M.T.



Published in

Seminar Teori dan Aplikasi Teknologi Kelutan (SENTA 2015)

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Seminar Nasional


crawler crane seating,floating dock, finite element analysis


The purpose of the research study is to design and calculate seating of crawler crane for additional construction to effective operation of floating dock. The focus of the research study is to investigate about additional reinforcement on the seating of crawler crane. Coverage area of crawler crane is very important to support floating dock for operational condition. Design calculations were done by finite element analysis (FEA). There are two models for seating of crawler crane. Results of data analysis show that the additional seating with a new platform is more advantage than the other model. It gives effective for operational condition and stronger than the other.