Welly Herumurti : The effect of organic loading rate on anaerobic baffled reactor-anaerobic filter in increasing efficiency of domestic wastewater

Welly Herumurti S.T., M.Sc.



Published in

The 5th Environmental Technology and Management Conference “Green Technology towards Sustainable Environment”


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Seminar Internasional


ABR-AF; domestic wastewater; hydraulic loading rate; organic loading rate


The surface water quality were decrease coincide with increasingly human activities. Human activities contributed much pollutant to surface water. Wastewater treatment is needed to reduce pollutant level of wastewater and to improve quality of surface water as the recipient. The combination of two kinds of wastewater treatment unit, Anaerobic Baffled Reactor (ABR)-Anaerobic Filter (AF) were used in this study. The effect of flow rate to actual Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) was studied in preliminary experiment. This study was to determine the performance of ABR-AF under different Organic Loading Rates (OLRs). Two ABR-AF reactors of 90x30x40 cm were used by continuous flow. They consisted of four ABR compartments and one AF compartments. Reactor performance evaluation was carried out for 67 days at three different OLRs that was operated by OLR of 0.089-0.345 kg COD/m3.day. Preliminary study was carried out to evaluate hydraulic configuration at flow rates of 57.17 L/day, it showed that the increasing HRT in term of 9.58%. This study showed different flow rates did not give a significant effect of organic degradation. A higher organic removal efficiencies were achieved in increasing of OLRs. At OLR range or 0.089-0.345 kg/m3.day, the efficiencies of pollutant removal were found on 74.4% and 92.2% for COD and BOD5 removal, respectively.