Arina Hayati, Angger Sukma Mahendra, S.T, M.T, Kirami Bararatin, Fardilla Rizqiyah : Environmental Barriers in Vocational Training Centre and Educational Institution

Arina Hayati S.T., M.T.
Angger Sukma Mahendra, S.T, M.T
Kirami Bararatin ST, MT
Fardilla Rizqiyah ST, MT



Published in

International Joint-Conference "Wisdom of The Tropics Past, Present & Future"

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Seminar Internasional


environmental barriers; vocational ; educational institution


The issue of environmental barriers has been considered as urgent needs to be solved in built environment. Regulation and guidelines for accessible building and the environment are proposed to accommodate the needs of various users including effective access to public and private facilities. However, the efforts of sufficient access in public facilities are still limited. This paper highlighted feasibility identification of accessibility in vocational and educational institution. A field study was applied focusing on identifying barriers of key elements of the physical environment and building together with essential facilities within the building. In order to provide “reasonable judgment”, research tactics are employed, including mobility simulation and measuring the physical elements of the building. The result shows that all facilities are not fully accessible for disabled people; however the physical environments still have some potential to be improved. The lack of information in current guidelines regarding the accessible and barrier-free environment also presents misleading its implementation in public facilities.