Yuly Kusumawati : The Study of Ruthenium Dyes Endowed with Alkyl Chain for DSSC Sensitizer

Yuly Kusumawati S.Si, M.Si



Published in

International Conference on Educational and Reeserch Development (ICERD)


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Seminar Internasional


DSSC, Ruthenium dyes, cobalt, ZnO


Two kinds of ruthenium dyes endowed with alkyl chain, TG6 and Z907 have been used as sensitizer for dye sensitized solar-cells (DSSCs). The cells composed of nanoparticle ZnO which has rod-like structure as a photoelectrode and were coupled with two kinds of redox shuttle: triiodide/iodide and cobalt-bipyridyl(II)/(III) as electrolyte composition. The cell that was sensitized by TG6 and coupled with triiodide/iodide redox shuttle show a better result (reached a Power Conversion Efficiency (PCE) of 2.69%) rather than one that was sensitized by Z907 and coupled by the same redox shuttle (reached a PCE of 2.16%). On contrary, for the cells that were coupled by cobalt-based redox shuttle, Z907 sensitizing shows a better result (reached a PCE of 1.72%) compare to TG6 one (reached a PCE of 1.32%). The absorption measurement in the UV-Visible range shows that the TG6 has a boarder spectrum compare to that one of Z907. This result explains that TG6 cells show a better performance compare to that one Z907 when coupled with triiodide/iodide redox shuttle. But the orientation of alkyl chain on TG6 seems make a hindrance for cobalt species to diffuse through the semiconductor pores.