Susilo Indrawati, Melania Suweni Muntini, Didiek Basuki Rachmat, Bachtera Indarto, Gontjang Prajitno, Eddy Yahya : Analysis of Noise, Noise Criteria, and Effect of Curtain Addition to Attain Standart Acoustics Performance For Flat Settlement in Urip Sumoharjo Surabaya

Susilo Indrawati M.Si
Dr.Dra Melania Suweni Muntini
Ir. Didiek Basuki Rachmat
Drs. Bachtera Indarto
Drs. Gontjang Prajitno
Prof.Dr.Ir Eddy Yahya M.Sc



Published in

International Conference on Sensor, System Sensor , and Actuator (ICSSSA2015) Bali, Indonesia, August 5-6, 2015

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Seminar Internasional


noise level noise creteria flat settlement in urip sumoharjo surabaya noise reduction


Urip Sumoharjo Surabaya Flat settlement is one of the flats which is managed by the Surabaya government. The location of the settlement is in Urip Sumoharjo street, located in the arterial road of Surabaya. The construction of the settlement was based on the rule ?Pasal 3 UU No. 1 Tahun 2011? which stated that housing and settlement is held to ensure the realization of decent and affordable settlement within the healthy, safe, harmonious, orderly, well-planned, integrated, with sustainable environment. The location of the settlement in front of the arterial road undergoes disturbance because of the increasing traffic density. Measurement shows, that the noise level in Urip Sumoharjo is 80-85 dBA. The magnitude of this noise affects the noise criteria (NC) in the settlement i.e. : NC 61-69 dBA. This value is far from the recomended value which is.: 35-40 dBA. The hight value of the NC is caused by the traffic density in the highway and also due to the inability of the building to isolate and reduce the noise. The fašade ability to reduce the noise is very weak, especially on the glass windowswhich is only: 18 dBA. This ability is very weak. The curtain addition was able to reduce the noise with an amount of 3-12 dBA.