Dini Adni Navastara, Anny Yuniarti, Arya Yudhi Wijaya, Wijayanti Nurul Khotimah, Agus Zainal Arifin : Image Thresholding Based on Index of Fuzziness and Fuzzy Similarity Measure

Dini Adni Navastara S.Kom., M.Sc.
Anny Yuniarti S.Kom., M.Comp.Sc
Arya Yudhi Wijaya S.Kom, M.Kom.
Wijayanti Nurul Khotimah S.Kom., M.Sc.
Dr. Agus Zainal Arifin S.Kom, M.Kom.



Published in

2015 IEEE 8th International Workshop on Computational Intelligence and Applications

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Seminar Internasional


image thresholding index of fuzziness fuzzy similarity measure


In this paper, we propose an automatic image thresholding method based on an index of fuzziness and a fuzzy similarity measure. This work aims at overcoming the limitation of the existing method which is semi-supervised. Using an index of fuzziness, two initial regions of gray levels located at the boundaries of the histogram are defined based on the fuzzy region. Then the threshold point is found by using a fuzzy similarity measure. No prior knowledge of the image is required. Experiments on practical images illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.