Inu Laksito Wibowo, Basuki Widodo : The Implementation of The Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin on Calculating Volume of River Sedimentation in The Confluence of Two Rivers

Drs. Inu Laksito Wibowo MI.Komp
Prof. Dr. Basuki Widodo M.Sc.



Published in

4th Annual Basic Science International Conference 2014 in conjunction with The 5th International Conference on Global Resource Conservation 2014

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Seminar Internasional


Sedimentation Confluence two rivers MLPG


The occurrence of sedimentation in a confluence two rivers can be formulated into mathematical model and simulated numerically, so the morphological changes due to the sedimentation of the river can be unpredictable. Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation results of solutions can be used as a material consideration in the adoption of a policy, so the impact will be caused by the sedimentation of the river can be prevented as early as possible or at least be reduced. In this paper, we consider about a model of sedimentation in the river which is formulated by using control volume and be solved using the method of Meshless Local Petrov- Galerkin (MLPG). Themain purpose of meshless method is to get rid of the grid or to reduce the difficulty in making a grid with points. We obtain that the sedimentation distribution in the confluences of two rivers is influenced by the shape of river morphology. The higher of the river velocity the higher the erotion in the river.