Helena Carolina Kis Agustin, Ika Dewi Wijayanti : Morphology of crown tube Austenitic Stainless Steel TP316 HTF failure

Dr. Ir. Helena Carolina Kis Agustin DEA
Ika Dewi Wijayanti ST., M.Sc.



Published in

International Conference on Mechanical Engineering (ICOME)

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Seminar Internasional




High temperature operations of flares often give the serious problems to its crown tube. Especially the materials used are stainless steel. The locations of disposal gas combustion at the crown become the primary aspect of flare operation. The macro structure of failed crown tube was found to have the fissure on its edge, which has the variation of appearances. The chance of materials to react with high temperature combustion contributes to the differences of tube crown color that failed. The former and the later appearances indicated the mode of failure. This paper observes the locations effect of disposal gas combustion to the failure of crown tube color and fissure mode. Visual examination was implemented to figure out the effect of the environment to the crown tube. SEM data also should be considered to convince the phases that came out from the interaction between crown tube and high temperature combustion. The difference of temper color of failure crown was found on the inner and outer surface. Unevenly heat source from the inner surface caused the ignition force from the inner surface of crown tube that led the initial deformation for the crown.