Christiono Utomo : Behavioral Pattern of Leaders in Delivering Collaborative-based Design Process towards Sustainable Vertical Housing Development

Christiono Utomo S.T., M.T.



Published in

International Seminar on Partnership for Sustainable Housing and Urban Development (RC CEHUD)

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Seminar Internasional


sustainable project development, vertical housing design, design management, leadership, collaborative design


Economic growth, in many developing countries and/or their capital cities, has influenced the growth of urbanization as well as its impacts to the provision of proper settlements. Vertical housings come out as an appropriate solution in dealing with issues of limited spaces, in which its developments are also frequently found. City?s skylines become crowded with high rise buildings. These circumstances caused the increasing need to achieve sustainability within urban development, in which it is not only essentially concern to the building itself but also the impacts to its surroundings that are the aspects of economic, social, as well as environment. Therefore, multi disciplines participants are needed in design process, and collaboration is found to be one of important approach. Leader has essential role in delivering collaborative-based design process. This study develops the behavioral pattern of leaders in developing design team for successful collaboration. Confirmatory study is conducted by involving 58 designers in Indonesia whom have experience in multi disciplines design process of high rise apartments, condominium, and flats. Study had found that transformational leadership is able to give positive contribution to successfulness than transactional leadership