Christiono Utomo : Communication Management System in Virtual Collaborative Design

Christiono Utomo S.T., M.T.



Published in

The 2nd International Conference on Construction and Building Engineering (Iconbuild 2015)

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Seminar Internasional


communication management, collaborative design, computer supported collaborative design


Building designs are currently developed into complexities, where various consultants with different expertise are needed to be involved in its design process. Collaborative design is essentially needed for the achievement of integration in design. The diversity of participants caused some issues that impact to the achievement of best design through collaboration. Issues related with the process of design?s communication are appeared as one of crucial problem, especially when the participants are geographically dispersed. Virtual collaboration is arising in dealing with related problems. According to this circumstance, system in managing design?s communication is needed. Hence, this research was purposed in order to explore and confirmed the influence of communication management to virtual collaboration. The theoretical model is confirmed to 202 designers whom have experience in designing commercial buildings. The confirmation data is collected by using questionnaire distribution. It is also analyzed by using regression analysis. Research has found that communication management system has 47.3 positive influence to virtual collaborative design. This finding contributes to the development of computer supported collaborative design (CSCD), both conceptually and practically. The system can be used by consultants in built environment whom are involved in virtual design process of buildings, i.e. project managers, architects, interior and architectural landscape designers, structural and mechanical/electrical consultants, etc. Study has limited discovery in technical support of managing design communication for virtual design process of commercial buildings, so that advanced study in other related built environment objects as well as the influences of virtual group behaviors are needed to build the general concept