Fendy Firmansyah, ST, MT, Ummi Fadlilah Kurniawati : Improvement of Involvement Society in the Context of Smart Community For Cultural Heritage Preservation in Singosari

Fendy Firmansyah, ST, MT
Ummi Fadlilah Kurniawati ST, M.Sc



Published in

CITIES International Conference 2015

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Seminar Internasional


smart community heritage preservation participation


Singosari is an urban heritage area where is located in Malang Regency with heritage object such as Singosari Temple, Sumberawan Temple, and 2 Dwarapala Statues. Singosari urban heritage area is needed to preseve because it has historical and cultural value as future learn materials about Singosari origin. Nonetheless many people who lived around Singosari heritage area do not know even do not care about heritage. There are only some of them who care about heritage area in Singosari. They made a community named Gerakan Masyarakat Peduli Singosari (GMPS). GMPS need to do any efforts to persuade people in preservation of Singosari heritage area. This research used literature review as analysis method with rationalistic approached. The result is GMPS need to do some effort to persuade community in heritage preservation such as promotion activities about urban heritage, socialization activities about urban heritage, and innovative activities that involve community to keep urban heritage area or objects sustain.