Nugrahardi Ramadhani, Rabendra Yudistira Alamin, Denny Indrayana Setyadi, Andjrah Hamzah Irawan : Audience Awareness Of Product Placement In Wide Screened Movies

Nugrahardi Ramadhani SSn., MT
Rabendra Yudistira Alamin S.T., M.Ds.
Denny Indrayana Setyadi ST., M.Ds.
Andjrah Hamzah Irawan S.T., M.Si



Published in

The 3rd International Conference on Creative Industry

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Seminar Internasional


Movies Awareness product placement


Abstract —Films are one interesting media out of many to be studied many aspects including that of content, technical aspects, to the production of the film itself. Film is a combination of the visual and sound language, communicating with audiences, which may evoke various impacts, creating new experiences the audience may never have experienced before. Film makers have clear intentions for arranging and including a few brands within the movie’s scenes, own certain presentational device so that the audience can enjoy without there being a force of information, presented as if the brand itself is one with the film props, and there it may be noticed or often unnoticed. This research is aimed to find the various possibilities of audience awareness towards brands criteria, without discussing the related film’s production process. The end result of this research is hoped to become a spark of an even wider discussion towards the effect of brands which are deliberately or not deliberately slipped in to a film.