Basuki Widodo : The Influence Of Hydrodynamics On The Spread Of Pollutants And Sedimentation In The Confluence Of Two Rivers

Prof. Dr. Basuki Widodo M.Sc.



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Water pollution is a topic that is often discussed in international forums, because water is vital for the survival of human beings and other living beings. As happened in 1996 where the rivers that flow through Surabaya river contaminated by heavy metals, characterized by high levels of Hg (mercury) and Pb (lead) in breast milk (ASI) and in the blood of residents living in the coastal area. This has resulted in 63 of children living near the Kali Brantas River suffering from cancer and 80 of children in coastal Kenjeran experience Slow Learner Symptoms (symptoms of idiots). These harmful pollutants come from industrial, agricultural and household waste (Arisandi, 2004). The importance of maintaining water quality and reducing the impact of sedimentation become the background of this research. This research is focused on calculation of the influence of hydrodynamic factors on the spreading of pollutants and sedimentation at the confluence of two rivers using Alternating Direct Implicit (ADI) methode. The results of this research are expected to assist the authorities concerned in maintaining the water quality along the stream of Kali Brantas river and to encourage the publics to keep the water clean and consumeable, and also to reduce the occurrence of shallowing river