Basuki Widodo : Determination of Physical Parameter Model for the Photo Film Mammographic X-Ray ResuITS on the Breast Cancer Histotogy Classification

Prof. Dr. Basuki Widodo M.Sc.



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The breast cancer is tendentious issues, primarilly on public health problem. To overcome these issues, the scientists have been developed various methods for early detection of breast cancer. The breast cancer have been detected, potentially using the physical parameter of the x-ray mammographic images. To find out the type of breast cancer histology have been developed with a fine needle biobsi method. These studies will have been classifying histological type of breast cancer by using the characteristics of gray-level image structure are referred to as the physical parameter of the mammographic x-ray images. These parameters had been analized using logistic regression methods. The method can be assist radiologist to minimize misinterpretation on these images. The results showed that the physical parameters of the x-ray mammographic images can be classify histological types of breast cancer with a sensitivity of 86.36%.