Mochamad Ashari, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo : Linear Quadratic Regulator design for modular matrix converter using Genetic Algorithm

Prof. Dr. Ir. Mochamad Ashari M.Eng.
Prof.Dr.Ir. Mauridhi Hery Purnomo M.Eng.



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This paper introduces an application of Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) based on Genetic Algortihm (GA) for improving the stability of modular matrik converter. GA is used for constructing the weighting matrices Q and R of LQR. To design controller, the converter is analyzed in small signal model and steady state model. Stability performances of converter are presented by the switch cell capacitor voltage and currents of converter. This method is compared with trial-error LQR for result validation. The Simulation results shows the GA presents best performance to improve the converter stability via matrices Q and R design