Christiono Utomo : Automated Negotiation Methodology for Group Choice on Value-based Decision of Building System Selection

Christiono Utomo S.T., M.T.



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Seminar Internasional




This paper discusses a methodology of automated negotiation in an application of a multi-agent negotiation on selection of building system. Decision for selection of building system is completed since manr parties are involved. Where a number stakeholders are involved in choosing a single alternative, there are different concern caused by differing stakeholder preferences, experiences, background. Therefore, a group choice decision support sytem is required to enableeach stakeholder to evaluate and rank the solution alternatives before engaging into negotiation with the other stakeholders.The methodology is based on a theoretical approach that consists of value-based decision nature in construction project, group choice in multi-criteria decision making, game theory, negotiation theory, generic negotiation model and multi-agent system. It combines value analysis method, decision method and multi agent development. Function Analysis System Technique (FAST) has been chosen for value analysis. Analyticcal Hierarchy Process (IHP) is for decision process and Multi-agent system is for negotiation support.The group choice is badsed on a six-stakeholders' preferences and concept of protocol negotiation. The results of implementation demonstrate a process of negotiation to select priorities of each alternative to each decision. Results presented are knowledge and process of group decision-making and negotiation to choose highway guardrail material. The methodology will contribute to the body of knowledge in decision science by making an advance tools using negotiation for many decision tools. Also in value management body of knoledge as an advanced method for creativity and analysis phase, since the practice of this knowledge is team work-based.