Christiono Utomo : Life Cycle Cost and Function Analysis in Value-based Design Decision

Christiono Utomo S.T., M.T.



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Seminar Internasional




This paper presents an analysis of life cycle cost (LCC) and function in value based design decision. The object study is an affordable public housing and infrastructure in Indonesia. The objective of LCC analysis is to choose the most cost effective approach from a series of alternative to achieve the lowest long-term cost of project and infrastructure. Decision analysis techniques applied to determine the relative value of the alternative solutions for performing the function. Criteria for evaluating value are initial cost, energy cost, return in profit, functional performance, reliability, and maintenance ability. Model formulates and its implementation based on application of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method for multi criteria decision-making. The implementation results demonstrate a process to select priorities each alternatives to each decision. It further emphasizes the importance of performance evaluation in the design process, and provides a focus for future research into performance evaluation techniques and their application.