Ali Musyafa : Implementation of Protection Analysis (LOPA) At Petroleum Industry

Dr.Ir. Ali Musyafa M.Sc.



Published in

the 2 nd International Conference on Sustainable Innovation


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Seminar Internasional


economic environment HAZOP LOPA


The industries sustainability should be increase to support economical sector, once of them is petroleum industry. One of the important things to improve it, is implement a good process safety management. This is because the petroleum industry have the potential hazards, such us fire, explosion, oil spills, etc. By implementing a good process safety management, so the risk can be minimized, the number of accidents reduced, improve the welfare of employees , and to improve the quality of products or services produced. The initial step in the process safety management is identification of the risk for each task. In this study the method used to identify hazards is Hazard and Operability (HAZOP). Severity values for each hazard analyzed quantitatively in the economic aspect. From the results of HAZOP, hazard scenarios that have obtained the highest risk value identified the adequacy of protection by using Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA). From the results of LOPA later be known whether there has been enough protection to reduce the risk value or not.