I Made Londen Batan : Analytical study and FEM simulation of the maximum varying blank holder force to prevent cracking on cylindrical cup deep drawing

Prof. Dr. Ing. Ir. I Made Londen Batan M.Eng



Published in

Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing (GCSM 2014)

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Seminar Internasional


blank holder force deep drawing process cracking FEM formability


This Research is aimed to predict the maximum varying blank holder force (VBHF) over the punch stroke in order to eliminate cracks on cup deep drawing product. The constant blank holder force during the process, itís frequently not capable to prevent cracking, effectively. Using the slab method with assuming a constant volume of material, the simple analytical approach of maximum VBHF, has been conducted under the failure deformation and cracking criteria on every stage punch stroke. The cracking criteria are based on the maximum strength of materials. Steel sheet of SPCD grade, thickness 0.2 mm was used in this study. And the diameter of the cylindrical cup-shaped product was 40 mm. The analytic calculation of the maximum VBHF has been compared to FEM simulations, and its effects in the prevention of cracking. Analytical Results of maximum VBHF, not much different with FEM simulation. Compared to the application of the constant blank holder force, VBHF can be quite effective for preventing the occurrence of cracking and increasing the formability of deep drawing.