Ardyono Priyadi, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo : Smart Grid Control with Fuzzy Integrator for Micro Hydro Connected to Low Voltage Distribution PT. PLN (Persero)

Ardyono Priyadi ST, M.Eng
Prof.Dr.Ir. Mauridhi Hery Purnomo M.Eng.



Published in

International Conference on Applied Electromagnetic Technology

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Seminar Internasional


Micro hydro Energy Fuzzy


The capacity of electrical energy supplied by PT. PLN (persero) insufficient to public demand in Indonesia. Micro Hydro Power Plant ( MHPP ) is a small-scale power plants which relatively easy to developed in remote areas. The generated energy by MHPP must be transmitted to the distribution network. In this study researchers wanted to answer the problems how to make model auto control which connects the MHPP with network distribution of PT.PLN (Persero). The result of this study is MHPP can be auto controlled by controller of I, PI, PID and Fuzzy-I. Smart control of Fuzzy-I controller makes the system to stable with a small overshoot values. It is better than controller of I, PI or PID.